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  • How can I get more access to interesting AI tools?
    It’s easy as just finding a spot on our site that has a box where you can enter your email address and will send you daily AI tools and information on how they can help you and your business.
  • How can I advertise with Inside of AI?
    Fill our advertisement request at the bottom of every page, theres a button that says 'advertise with us'. Someone on our incredible brand partnerships team will contact you with more information if it seems like a good fit.
  • Are you active on social media?
    Currently on Twitter. We will build out more social profiles very soon.
  • I haven’t been receiving Inside of AI's emails
    Hope you haven’t missed us too badly our loyal AI Insider! There are a few reasons why this might be happening and some ways to fix this. Check your spam/junk folders Email can be a tricky thing at times and the Inside of AI mail may end up there. If you find our emails, you should be able to right click and “mark as not spam” or drag and drop the mail back into the primary inbox. After a few days of opening it, your inbox should recognise it as not spam. Do you have a corporate or school email? The emails can sometimes bounce (get rejected) because of spam filters. We recommend requesting that your IT department whitelist & - it's a pretty simple task for them. Otherwise, you can switch your subscription to your personal email address. They tend to be a bit more open to receiving. Accidental unsubscribe You may have accidentally unsubscribed! No worries just use the Upgrade button at the top of this page or any on our site and try rejoining the list. If none of these are the case, email us at Feel free to catch up on any issues you’ve missed on our news page on our site.
  • Where can I find old editions on Inside of AI?
    Just visit and scroll till satisfied.
  • Where can I submit feedback for the editorial team?
    We appreciate all your feedback whether it’s positive or constructive. You can fill out the form on our 'Contact' page. Our editorial team reviews reader feedback every few days.
  • Is there a community to talk with other Inside of AI readers?
    Not as of yet, but it's something we're looking to build in the future for sure.
  • Why am I getting a double dose of emails from Inside of AI each morning?
    It’s possible you have subscribed using two different email addresses that are attached to the same inbox. If this is the case and you would like to receive the Inside of AI once a day, you can go ahead and unsubscribe one of the addresses by clicking “Update Email Preferences” at the bottom of the email.
  • Can I change the time your emails get sent?
    Unfortunately, segmenting our readers by time zone is a feature not currently supported by our email service provider. We are looking into other potential solutions, and as soon as we find one that works, we’ll make a big announcement.
  • What is Inside of AI’s political bias?
    There isn’t one. One of the central goals of Inside of AI is to maintain an unbiased, informative stance on current events.
  • Website bugs/glitches
    All you need to do is hit the 'Home' button at the top of the page and everything should reset in place just fine. If problems continue consider updating your phone, if after that there are still significant bugs or glitches please do not hesitate to contact us at
  • How do I unsubscribe?
    Really sorry to see you go fellow Insider. Hopefully we can reunite in the future. But if this really is the end you can unsubscribe using the link at the bottom of any Inside of AI's emails.
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